5 Things You Should Know About Nanny Cams

5 Things You Should Know About Nanny Cams

With both parents working, children are either entrusted with a crèche or a nanny. You can be with your new born child only for few months and once the maternity leaves exhaust you need to get back to office. The only alternate left behind in such cases is a nanny. You thoroughly check the credentials of the nanny, ensure that she looks decent and kind, and even your child gets attached to her. But still, you are wary that red flags can pull up anytime.

To get that peace of mind that your kid is safe back home with the nanny, most of the parents are turning to technology. They are getting nanny cams installed so that their little bundle of joy is always in front of their eyes.

Hikvision surveillance systems provide many good options for you, but before you pick up any nanny cam you should know the following.

  1. High Definition: Always go for an HD (High Definition) video format as it gives a clear picture. You will be monitoring the footage from a distance and sometimes you might need to zoom in to see things clearly. A non-HD camera will make the image blur when zoomed. So, stick with HD cameras.
  2. Audio Feature: This feature comes handy if you need to pacify the kid or talk to nanny from your office.
  3. Compatibility: As you will be watching the feed on your mobile devices, check the compatibility on your Apple or Android devices.
  4. Viewing Angle: Pick a camera that has a wide angle so that you can see a larger area. Also, make sure that the camera has a pan-tilt function for getting directional and zoom control remotely.
  5. Power Source: Nanny cameras come in both modes – AC powered and battery operated. For the battery-operated ones, there are rechargeable battery packs but you need to recharge these batteries often as they get discharged after few hours of running. The battery could get discharged when you are in office and the camera will stop working. Thus, it is better to go for AC-powered devices that derive their power directly from the power outlet. To get continuous monitoring and recording, AC-powered nanny cameras are always a better choice.

The child abuse incidents are on the rise and hence deploying a nanny cam is a precaution that you must take in case you have to leave your kid at home with a nanny.