Don’t Miss These 10 Tips For Management Multiple Airbnb Listings!

Don’t Miss These 10 Tips For Management Multiple Airbnb Listings!

If you want the best returns on your rental property investments, Airbnb is the perfect platform to get started. For the most part, Airbnb is extremely transparent, and you can choose to list as many properties as required. However, managing multiple listings can be a little tricky and confusing. Below We have enlisted 10 Airbnb tips to help you.

  • Understand your goals. Do you want maximum occupancy or maximum profits? Are you interested in short stays or long term rentals? You may have different goals for each property, so make a list of everything.
  • Read the rules. While Airbnb is flexible, the company can cancel a listing at their discretion. If you have more than one listing, make sure that you are not missing their norms, terms, and conditions of their services.

  • Are you managing properties for owners? Well, there are agents who make a cut with this job, and their ways of managing and maintaining listings is often different. Know your financial goals before you seek solutions.
  • There are three ways to manage listings on Airbnb. The first idea is to make an individual account for each listing, and that will ensure that you are not flouting any of the rules. However, using too many accounts can be overwhelming, so keep that in mind. On the plus side, reviews of one will not affect others.
  • The second option is to go for a single account for all listings. This is a smart way to managing your needs, but if you have too many properties, Airbnb will treat it as a commercial venture. Also, the overall reviews can impact the choices of guests.
  • Opt for vacation rental software. There are some amazing solutions, which allow you to consolidate your listings. You can find a unified inbox, where you can manage your communication and bookings.
  • Don’t choose rental software by price alone. It is wiser to choose a platform that’s flexible and allow easy and deep integration. The concerned software should be designed with Airbnb in consideration and must offer additional features like notifications, calendar and message templates along with auto responders.
  • Be regular. No matter if you use software or not, managing listings will need your time. Guests love hosts who are regular and respond in a short time. Make sure that you check the messages and reply to each within 4 hours, if possible.

  • Don’t forget the basics. It’s not enough to have many rooms and properties, until you are spending on basic maintenance. Don’t raise the expectations of your guests by promising big things and make sure that the photos are real.
  • Finally, be flexible with your rates and check-in and check-out timings. This is particularly essential, as guests can choose between the properties listed by you. Let’s say that property A is not available, you can suggest a second option within the same price and better facilities and maximize your occupancy rate.

Make your own to do list and stay tuned to be successful in your venture!