Redmi 4a Vs Samsung On5 Pro

Redmi 4a Vs Samsung On5 Pro

Our markets are filled with a wide variety of smart phones, available for our use. If you have decided to buy a new smart phone, the real trouble starts now, selecting the right brand and design. You need to choose the right smart phone that provides maximum features at the least possible price. Redmi 4s and Samsung On5 Pro are quite similar to each other, but if you investigate properly, you will realize the benefits of Redmi 4a on Samsung On5 Pro. Here are some points to help you decide your next smart phone.

Difference between Redmi 4a and Samsung On5 Pro

Camera Quality

Samsung On5 Pro provides an 8 MP rear camera while Redmi 4a is treating you with 13 MP back camera. Xiaomi has designed this set for aspiring photographers and camera enthusiasts and packed with spectacular features like auto focus, digital zoom, exposure compensation, face detection, and so much more. The overall pixel quality and resolution of the Redmi 4a is much better than that of Samsung. Samsung provides the resolution of 3264 * 2448, while Redmi gives you better and high-quality resolution of 4128 * 3096. If you are looking for a great camera phone, with superb picture quality, go for Redmi 4a.


The weight of your smart phone is an important factor when you use it for long hours, every day. A heavier phone will be hassling to maintain and manage. Samsung On5 Pro weighs 150 grams while Redmi 4a is just 131 grams. Redmi is much lighter and easier to hold as it will not tire out your arms, even after constant usage, for hours at a time.

Battery life

Low battery life has been a problem for us since the inception of smart phones.  Most of the smart phones, even the really expensive ones, have a low battery life. Your battery might die when you are not near a charging point and can cause some serious problems in these cases. Redmi 4a provides an exceptional battery life of 3120 mAh compared to the average battery of Samsung with 2600 mAh capacity. You can play games, and watch videos and movies for hours before your Redmi smart phone will need to be recharged.

Display and colours

Samsung On5 Pro does not provide many choices in the case of its colour. You can either buy a black or a white smart phone. Although black and white are classic colours, sometimes we craze new designs and unique colours for our smart phones.  If you want a varied and colourful mobile set, you are out of luck with Samsung. While Xiaomi avails more varieties for its customers, in colours like gold, grey, and rose gold. If you love colours and sparkles, Redmi is the best choice for you.

Check for the features that are most effective for you and only then make your decision. Various online websites such as Tata CLiQ provide special smartphone offers for their customers on a time-limited basis. You can get these reasonable mobile phones at further discounted prices on these websites.