The Importance of Hiring a Lawyer for Unpaid Wages

The Importance of Hiring a Lawyer for Unpaid Wages

You work hard to receive your wages. A worker who works longer than full-time is required to receive overtime pay. If an employer is refusing to pay your earned wages, it’s time to fight back. Hiring a lawyer specializing in wage recovery is a valuable ally to have. It is common to feel confused and helpless when your wages are being tampered with. You have rights and there is a person equipped to hear your case. A legal professional will do everything to help you get your money back. Here are four benefits of hiring a lawyer for unpaid wage issues.

Trial Evaluation

A lawyer will usually evaluate your case for no fee. An evaluation is beneficial for a few reasons. The purpose of an evaluation is to let you know whether you have a case. Choosing to represent yourself means never hearing this valuable information. You could find trying to make a case where there isn’t one cost have you paying unnecessary case costs. If you have a case, a lawyer will begin working on fighting in your corner.

Knowledge of Wage Litigation Process

Lawyers will usually have many cases throughout a typical week or month. Hiring a lawyer
for unpaid wages means having a professional on your side. A wage case could involve complicated documents filled with confusing wording. An attorney will help you navigate legal documents to inform you at every moment of your case. It is likely that you will be going up against a company’s entire legal department. Having professional representation in your corner means you are prepared to handle any upcoming legal discussions.

Negotiation for Largest Possible Settlement

A lawyer who will help recover unpaid overtime pay may also help you receive a larger settlement. These professionals will be able to fight against the defense on your behalf. A company withholding wages is likely to settle for as low as possible. Someone inexperienced with court cases may end up receiving too small of a settlement.

Avoiding Self-Representation

Seeing someone represent themselves in the movies is amusing. In real life situations, you don’t want to take the risk of representing yourself. Someone may choose self-representation in an attempt to save money. Losing a wage case means receiving no settlement in addition to possibly losing your job. Professional representation helps to ensure you walk out of the courtroom with a victory. Lawyers helped employees win a $73 million settlement against Bank of America in 2013.

In summary, there are several benefits associated with hiring a lawyer. Having your situation evaluated will give you the peace of mind of knowing whether you have a case. A lawyer will know all about the more technical side of wage-related court cases. Legal professionals will help you receive the largest settlement possible. Representing yourself often ends in both embarrassment and a lost case. Your earned wages are a very serious matter. Hiring a lawyer to represent your lost wage case is recommended.