Qualities That Make A Web Design Usable

Qualities That Make A Web Design Usable

Lots of businesses neglect usability when getting their websites designed. Usability matters big time! With good usability, you don’t just get to see a boost in the performance of your website, but you also start enjoying more sales. Good usability in a website ensures that visitors get to find the information quickly and easily.

But what qualities make a website usable? There is a whole list of these qualities but here, we are going to discuss the most influential ones:

Mobile compatibility

The digital era of today calls for creating mobile-optimized websites. Nobody opens up their PC to visit a specific website or do a quick search on Google when it can be done right from their smartphones.Your goal is to check how your website looks on a mobile device. For this, you can use the Google Mobile Site Tester to find out how your site appears on smartphones.


Your website should be accessible to everyone and that includes not just the young generation but the elderly and even the blind. They use screen readers for accessing the internet. When you make your website accessible to all, you are actually reaching a larger audience.


If the website looks great but the information that it contains is nor valuable, no oneis going to stay on such a website for long. The way information is presented on your website and organized makes it usable.  Some people focus on providing a wide range of information on their website for attracting the target market. This is a wrong approach too. What you need to do is plan sections and categories for your website and present information which is easy to understand.  When you start thinking from the user’s perspective that’s when you make things right.

Fast Loading Time

When a user lands on a website and its pages take long to load then he will get annoyed and leave. To prevent this, make sure your website loads within4 -6 seconds. There are lots of tools available that can help you test the website speed. They even suggest what you can do for improving the speed.

Good Navigation

The navigation on your website should be clutter-free. Keep the menu items as limited as possible. If you have a large website with lots of sections, then drop-down menus will work best for you. Other than this, the search feature should be good, the header and footer must be informative and internal linking should be great.

Color scheme

A Good Web Design Miami has a contrasting color scheme. Many people mess up the appearance of their website by choosing the wrong colors. If there is no color contrast on your website, users will find it hard to read the content. For example, if the website has a white background, the text chosen should be black in color. What’s the point of having a great website but bad color scheme?

Designing a website and making sure its usability is great is not an impossible task. If you have professionals like Eighth Orbit by your side, then you are in good hands.