Smart Compression of the Video with the Movavi Converter

Smart Compression of the Video with the Movavi Converter

The video converter Movavi tool is quite effective, it can compress video without losing quality, and also imposes various effects, crop and convert from one format to another. As a video compressor also you will be able to use it.

Smart method for compressing the video without any kind of loss of quality

  • To save quality when compressing video, we will use this video converter. Perhaps, very few people know about it, but it is quite a powerful program, although newcomers can cause difficulty in using it.
  • Download the program from the official resource, it weighs only 10 MB. Next, go directly to the action.
  • Running the program, you can see a lot of confusing settings and what to do? You will be able to sort out sooner or later; the main thing is to make efforts. So, in this program you can edit the video and its sound.
  • Prepare the video for compression. Click on the button “Open Source” and click on “File”. Now choose your video.
  • In the program there are blanks made by the developers, these are the so-called presets. They mean ready-made parameters for any device or service. Very useful for those who do not want to dig and understand the settings.

In Movavi, you can configure the audio parameters. For this purpose, there is an “Audio” tab. In fact, in a video, sound can take up a lot of space, especially if it’s quality. In a simple video, so to speak, for the house, you can remove the extra tracks and leave only the first one. As a codec we put “MP3”. So you reduce the size of the sound, while maintaining the quality. We set the bit rate to 160; the sound quality will not be very good. If the sound is important, then put 320.

The Parameters

In the Video tab too many parameters can be changed. Provide the necessary codec, which will convert the video into the desired form, understandable to the video player. If you do not understand this, use presets. Usually use H.264 codec, it’s the default, so you do not have to change anything. Thus, you can compress the video almost 2 times. You can also use H.265, the code is newer, but also supported by fewer devices.

To save the video in a compressed form, you need to click “Browse” in the “Destination” field, select the path where the file will be saved and give it a name. Click “Save”. Then we press the “Start Encode” button and wait for the processing to finish.


So, you have considered three ways way for compressing video without losing quality, two of them are free and very effective.