Why You Need To Not Do Freelance Web Development or Design – Suggestions of the Web Development Company

This can be a letter of suggestion for those freelance web-developers with respect to Web Development companies in India. Freelance web designing or web database integration is good to earn an additional earnings for you personally however it has various negative effects around the economy in India. The next effects can ruin India from various aspects.

1. Freelance Web-site Designers are independent so that they are charging very cheap rates for web designing this brings lower the marketplace rates of the identical work. Web database integration companies cannot beat the rates provided by freelancers. Ultimately a brand new company could die prematurely or cannot survive longer. County loses a company unit and growth and development of business stops.

2. Freelancers focus on projects to earn extra earnings, but they’re hardly interested to pay for taxes onto it, so that they request payment through various alternate methods, such methods are cash payments. Freelancers don’t pay taxes on cash earnings. The nation like India loses the tax earnings, whether it could have been web Development Company, they’d have compensated taxes on earnings.

3. A Person web developer works best for money and never for status, therefore if the net application project of client fails, they aren’t responsible however the receiving client will get unhealthy impression of Indian web development industry. Sometimes overseas clients never return due to one bad knowledge about freelance web-developers.

4. Lots of freelance web-developers aren’t even experienced once they start offering their plan to the overseas clients. The customer believes that India is extremely cheap so project is owned by unskilled freelancers. Finally an internet Application produced by Freelance Web Developer will be an crap or unstable, otherwise a web development company might have designed a good experience for client.

5. A Web Development Company establishes a company unit plus they expect honest developers in the organization. If you’re a freelance web developer but still using a company, then you’re attempting to cheat your present company that will pay for your livelihood.

So if you wish to help India, your personal country, then leave freelancing and work with a good web company or you are entrepreneur, then begin a new web database integration company.

If you want to clear the questions about that project you will consider the developers to present. Then you should tell the developers about the process of work or process when you hire a web development company, take an interview.